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You Can Change Your Fate by Doing This. How To Change Your Own DNA

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I like to talk about how the language we speak directly effect our biology. It sounds a bit far out but it’s actually have been scientifically proven in many ways.

Have you heard of the phantom DNA effect? A Russian Scientist, Dr. Peter Gariaev accidentally discovered during his experiment that DNAs collect photons, which is the smallest particles of light and light).

I believe he was photographing photons in DNA then went to lunch. After he came back from lunch, he continued to take photos only to realize that before lunch he had removed the DNA out of the room,

So how was he able to still see the photons exactly in the shape of the original DNA?

It turns out that our DNAs collect photons in the room you are in and even after you leave the room, all of the photons stay exactly in the shapes of your DNAs for the next 30 DAYS!

He also found that each DNA molecule collects up to 1000 photons and guess how many DNAs we have in our body? 3 Billion of them.

And our DNAs do this because that’s how they repair themselves, using the information contained in photons.

Also, science has found that the amino acids in the proteins making up our DNA is directly affected by frequencies of our own “speech: the tones of our own voice, our choice of words, our language and even our thoughts since thoughts, too emit electromagnetic fields.

In other words, what you say and think shape your DNAs and your DNAs are constantly recording ALL your thoughts.

Now I would like to explain further by breaking down my thoughts.

1. The languages we use are given to us with a purpose.

I am not going to get into this but there are many many evidences that all of our languages were given to us by extraterrestrials.

*Please refer to the Wisdom Teachings on Gaia S29, E 8 & 9

2. Each letter has a corresponding number.

*please see pic

which means it's mathematical and geometric.

3. Each word is made to have a specific tone. (vibrational frequency)

4. Different tones (frequencies) effect biology differently.

*For more information on frequency effecting biology, please watch my video on “Dr Emoto’s water” and “water for manifestation”

5. Certain words have harmonious tones with coherent effect on biology.

Did you know that the sound of crickets effect the growth of the grass outside?

6. Biology changes by resonance

That is why all religions use specific chants, mantras and prayers, like ending with the word “Amen” has a specific purpose and function.

Also Transcendental Meditation method uses a specific mantra that you need, that is unique to you and no one else.

Here I can also bring up about different levels of brain waves.

We are normally in Beta during our awaken hours

The next level is Alpha.

Many spiritual thinkers say the ideal brain wave is Alpha. Something about the Alpha changes our nature and bring out our inherent natural state into the physical realm. Most people are in Alpha when chanting our praying.

But when they really reach the altered state, their brainwave is in Theta. This is the MAGIC state. Hypnoses are most effective when in this state.

IT is the CREATION state. All small children are in this brain state therefore absorbing EVERYTHING around them like a sponge.

This is the state, that goes beyond your physical realm.

7. It also means if you say or think words that carries coherent tones, you create coherence in your DNA

and on the contrary, with negative thinking and speaking would cause incoherence, hence causes diseases and illnesses.

Also I suggest if your speech is monotonous, start adding tones, consciously. As the vibrations start to spread, your experience would start to change. I am trying this myself...

9. As you change your language, you are changing your DNA

In other words, Change your thoughts, change your biology.

*please look into Dr. Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics

I think an obvious evidence of your speech pattern affecting DNA is in all different races. When people speak different languages, they look different, the more dramatic it is the more dramatic difference.

How this works is when you change your language, the words you choose to use, you also automatically change your perspective.

When your perspective changes, your feelings also change. And everything else follows accordingly.

*See my video "Change Your Perspective Change Your Life"

And that’s ultimately what we want to experience. The more you practice this the more you continuously feel the way you speak/think and you start to speak/think the way you feel!

Now the mechanism is created.

Now, doesn’t it sound a lot like the LOA?

*Also See "Changing Your Biology to Change Your Life."

The Phantom DNA

Gaia - Wisdom Teachings S29 E8

Change Your Perspective Change Your Life

My YouTube Channel: inbetweeness1111

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