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It's Not Just Diet. Beyond Keto. Powerful Weight Loss With Multi-Dimensional Possibilities. Part I

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Unplugging from conventional Media like

Conventional Mainstream TV, cable TV with commercials, Mainstream Social Media like Facebook is Possibly the MOST essential part to your health, yet it’s the biggest missing link to your Diet.

I cannot tell you enough HOW important it is to practice MEDIA FASTING.

Ok, OK, so obviously I know there is a lot of positive information circulating in social media, too as I am now starting to be part of the world myself. So obviously use your best discernment for specific purposes.

I am talking about social media as escapism, as a total unconscious zombie fingers swiping and moving around this sea of social programming.

I am saying, if you know that your fingers totally zombie out into the vast maze of zombie posts and empty malnourished but desperately hungry egos filling up your mind.

In any rate, I know you are here because you want to know how to lose weight,

so the first I need to tell you that the WEIGHT is a SYMPTOM not the CAUSE of your illnesses.

So when you start your process of HEALING and becoming HEALTHY

your weight also start to shed its excess FAT. BECAUSE your body would start to work in more optimal wholeness so there is no need for it to be excessively storing FAT in and around your organs.

Remember this:


A renowned biologist, Bruce Lipton says

“Your thoughts create your Biology”

“Your perception controls your biology. What you believe creates your life”

Your body is your subconscious mind, your unconscious programming that’s running your life on auto pilot repeatedly producing the same emotions and reactions.

So in a way, we can say that your body IS your emotions. So if you think you can hide your emotions, think again.

In fact your body is always telling you when it’s time to change the way you think. It literally shows you when you need to pay attention to your emotions, stop reacting and start responding differently.

So in order to change your BIOLOGY, first, you have to unlearn those beliefs that caused you to create the state you are in now. So can you see how I am adamant about cutting out your zombie social media surfing?

As Albert Einstein Quotes

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

When you are unconscious (unaware), food you eat is the symptoms of your inner state, which is created by your thinking.

In other words, FOOD becomes your REACTIONS.

Your body = your stored emotions = repetitive thoughts and behavior(like eating!)

How do you UNLEARN?

By replacing the OLD information with the NEW. This is how it’s done.

1. unplug from the 3D programming

the 3D programming is the Main stream media I mentioned in the beginning. Unplug from it as much as possible. Trust that if there is any information that you NEED, then it will be delivered to you from another source.

2. Empty your cabinets and fridge

Get rid of ALL PROCESSED FOODS. ANY processed foods. Cereal, waffles, crackers, bread, biscuits, cookies, chips.

Any refined sugar, all sugar, creamer, spices with MSG (a lot of “steak seasoning” and such have MSG in it), table salt, Ketchup, Miracle whip, basically anything with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and even AGAVE NECTAR.

Flour, fortified flour, enriched flour, bleached flour, whole wheat flour, any flour, Panko, bread crumbs.

Ice cream, popsicles, frozen dinners, pre-made, prepared meals. Lean Cuisines, canned food, Proten “health” shakes and powders.

The true trap is NOT the PROBLEM that you have found yourself in, but the SOLUTION they give to the problem. That’s the real TRAP.

let me explain what that means.

The more main stream, easy access and the more they advertise to claim its “convenience” saying that they “get your problem”, "aren't you so busy and we are on your side and that’s why they made it for you,'

I can assure you that it’s exactly what you DO NOT want. And some times you didn't even know that they were "problems" until they gave you "solutions".

All processed foods, detergent, cleaning solutions, weed killers (I suppose now this is a commonly known fact now)… all made for the matrix we live in.

Ok, who are “they”?

That’s for another time, for another discussion.

Today, let’s focus on Weight Loss.

3. Now, it’s time for NEW

which is FOOD as information and light.

because our Food should be our medicine not a liability

There are 2 kinds of foods. Live food, and Dead food. And guess which kind of food that you need?

YEs, you got it right. The LIVE kind.

And “LIVE” means that it has more amount of photons (which is the smallest particles of LIGHT) and light is information. They can also be considered as “Nutrition” but NOT necessarily what’s listed in the nutritional label so I’m reluctant to tell you that just as “Nutrition”.

Let’s say it this way, Light is Nutrition, but not all labeled “nutrition” is light.

Because our DNA collects photons (fundamental particles of light) in order to repair themselves.

*For more information, watch my video “Change your Words, Change your DNA”

Can you tell me what foods are “live” and what is “dead”? What contains the most amount of photons?

Well, dead food is easy, all heavily processed food. Including the flour you have in your cabinet.

Yes, The VEGETABLES are “live”, especially RAW VEGETABLES contain the most amount of photons.

Most adults need 5-10 cups of fresh raw vegetables per day. Yes, you heard me. PER DAY. Not a week, not a month. EVERY DAY.

Here is the most amazing hack to get your vegetable intake without eating giant salads each meal.

It’s my wonderful handy dandy KALE shake recipe:

You can use chopped Kale, fresh or frozen (I keep some frozen and mix with fresh one)

1. Put kale measuring 4 cups in the blender

2. Add Pure Birch Xylitol, or Organic Stevia (I use half xylitol, half stevia for better taste) for sweetening.

3. 1 table spoon of raw cacao power

4. 1 cup of coconut milk (full fat)

Make sure to get the kind that does not have ANY added sugar or preservatives.

*see pic

5. 1 cup of water

6. 1/4 cup of organic berries (black berries is best but you can use blue berries as well)

This part is optional for those who is having a hard time Losing Weight.

Blend on med high and adjust sweetness and liquids as needed.

Enjoy for Breakfast, lunch OR dinner!

Ok, so this concludes the part 1 of How to Lose Weight .

We’ll get more into details of HOW to EAT next.

Enjoy your experiment!

How to Lose Weight Videos

My YouTube Channel: inbetweeness1111

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