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Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Beyond Keto. Weight Loss is Multi-Dimensional. Part 2



Most people define it or practice it like a religion, discrimination, dogma or elitism. And many EVEN uses it as their IDENTITY.

(There is a TED talk where they compare VEGANISM with Christianity.)

Just watch how people start to describe you as a “HEALTH FREAK” OR “JUNEI the vegan”, you SEE?

Hello everyone!

Here is how to lose weight series part 2

Today, we will be discussing what FAT is

and I will be giving you some Meal examples so that you won’t be left hanging without knowing what to eat during this process.

Especially after the big purging I suggested in the last video.

Have you tried MEDIA FASTING yet? It’s essential to your ascension process, you know. (laugh)

Hey so what IS the purpose of FAT in your body? What’s it for? Is it an insulation?

“It keeps me warm”

“Put some meat on so you don’t get cold”

The purpose of FAT in your body is to protect against starvation of SUGAR.

OK, once more.

The purpose of FAT in your body is to protect against starvation of SUGAR

The mechanism is there so that as a “cave man”, during summer, there are plenty of fruits all around for you to gather and eat as much as you want, then the cold season comes

Now, there are only nuts, maybe, no more sugar available. Then maybe you hunt some animals. Again, no sugar available.

Then in the dead of winter, maybe there is not much food available at all.

What does your body do? It starts to use its own FAT as fuel, as energy source.

make sense? In other words, your body will ALWAYS choose SUGAR over FAT as fuel. So as long as there is SUGAR in your body, it would NOT burn FAT, ANY FAT.

Because that’s not how it works.

Ok, now let’s look at FAT through a spiritual lens.

Julia Cannon, the infamous Dolores Cannon’s daughter talks in her book, “Soul Speak”,

that obesity or excess weight is most usually a protection and that we hide behind the extra padding to protect ourselves from being hurt.

Oh, yes, it makes sense. Not only your ego but your subconscious, your body does the same, padding around your vital organs to protect them when they feel threatened of eminent damage.

It’s also protecting you from all the toxins you take in and create inside your body.

As Julia Cannon says, the body has numerous mechanisms to preserve itself at all cost. One of the mechanisms is to keep fat on board to absorb toxins that can be other wise detrimental. So If you have high level of toxins (which includes your thoughts and behavioral patterns), the body will not allow you to lose the fat. Since that would cause the toxins to go into the blood stream at too great of a rate.

So the more toxins your body has the more fat it would create and store all for preserving your life.

Well, I know you are probably here wanting to get rid of the FAT, but if not for fat, some of us may not be here right now.

So, you are probably starting to see that your body would not shed its fat UNTIL it is safely rid of enough toxins in the system. You see now, how important it is for you to be HEALTHY BEFORE worrying about your actual WEIGHT.

As I always say, WEIGHT IS A SYMPTOM, NOT the CAUSE.

So FAT is in fact, quite important. Your body would not be making so much of it, if it wasn’t, would it?

Now let’s talk about the importance of the dietary fat. And why it is crucial for you to take enough fat in your diet.

First, if you are one of those who believe that FAT is BAD, you know what to do. GET RID OF THE DOGMA. It was a program that was fed to you for various reasons by those who needed certain control. The information was NOT fed to you to protect you but to keep you in a certain level of health, therefore certain level of consciousness.

Of course, there are good kinds of fat and not so much. Like for instance, TRANS FAT is basically plastic. It is actually literally only ONE molecule away from being PLASTIC and your body sees no difference.

So whenever I go to the grocery store isles where the sweet cakes, margarine, cake mix products and microwavable pop corn… ugh ALL I see is a bunch of PLASTIC TOY PRETEND FOODS. They are NOT FOOD, everyone! (Well, if you are reading this, you know that already. Laugh)

Ok, now why do we need GOOD fat?

In order for us to discuss this, I need to explain to you about insulin and cholesterol.

What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that is released from your pancreas to lower the blood sugar level. Why? Because too much sugar in your blood is simply poisonous.

So the more sugar or carbohydrates you eat, the more insulin that would be released.

You may know of insulin as connected to diabetes.

Type 1 is NO production of insulin so they use insulin injections.

Type 2 diabetes is due to over production of insulin and the insulin receptors of your cells and organs stop accepting them.

But then your cells end up starving since it’s not taking in insulin carrying sugar that they send messages to your brain to produce MORE insulin. So your poor pancreas keep producing insulin that cannot function correctly. And since the cells cannot absorb sugar as stored fuel, your body turns the sugar into FAT.

And That’s called Insulin Resistance and it is probably one of the biggest cause of MANY MANY MANY illnesses. Including diabetes.

And all foods spike up insulin production except for one kind.

You guessed it, it’s FAT. FAT is the only food that does not trigger insulin.

Insulin resistance happen due to excessive consumption of sugar and refined carbs.

If you have fatty liver, you DO have insulin resistance. If you have FAT around your gut area, you DO have insulin resistance because you have fatty liver. If you are over weight, you definitely have insulin resistance.

Now, you maybe wondering about cholesterol since high fat food has high level of cholesterol. And cholesterol is commonly taught to be the CAUSE of clogged arteries and heart diseases, heart attacks, you know, all the bad stuff.

In order for us to shed this myth and to really understand the important role of Cholesterol,

we must understand the fact that you body actually makes cholesterol. In fact it makes about 75% of all the cholesterol in your body. (which is about 3000mg total that is equivalent to consuming 14 eggs or 1 pound of butter. Your liver alone makes 2000mg and nearly every cell in the body makes cholesterol.)

If Cholesterol is so bad, why would your body makes so much of it??

So lets understand the purpose of cholesterol.

1. It is the raw material that makes up vital hormones like testosterone, stress hormones like cortisol, sex hormones, all the hormones that you need to rejuvenate and prevent from aging process.

2. You need cholesterol to create bile and Vitamin D. Yes, vitamin D is made from cholesterol converted from the sunlight. And without your bile, you cannot absorb fat soluble vitamins that are vital to your life.

All your cell membranes are made of cholesterol. Your brain is made of cholesterol. Your skin is lined with cholesterol.

So trust me, you NEED to EAT foods with cholesterol. Because if you do not, then your liver would make MORE. Because Cholesterol is what goes to your injuries and any damages to your cells to repair themselves.

Dr. Steven Gundry, the author of Diet Evolution, says Cholesterol is like the ambulance at the accident scene.

He explains that If an ET came to the earth for the first time and kept seeing an ambulance in every accident scene, they end up believing that the ambulances cause accidents.

And... that is precisely what doctors thought just like the hypothetical ET...

Oh, and the body produces more cholesterol when we consume excessive amount of sugar and refined carbs, so go figure.

Ok, so now that we got that out of the way,

I am going to give you some ideas for what to eat and some meal examples. You can customize this according to your needs, of course.

Your main food is going to be mainly really good FATs, moderate amount of protein (I do not recommend any more than 3-4oz per meal. I will talk about the reason for not taking too much protein in another discussion) nuts and lots and lots of vegetables. Especially the cruciferous vegetables fruits and fungi. Also Grass fed whole milk Greek yogurt, goat milk yogurt. Other fermented foods like sauerkraut, Kimchi etc.

Avocados, Nuts, Pasture raised organic eggs (the whole egg with yolk and whites, you can eat 3-4 eggs a day!), Fatty organic or hormone free grass fed cheeses, like French brie, Goat cheese, Grass fed butter, Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed organic avocado oil

Grass fed, pasture raised FATTY meats, wild caught fish.

If you consume bacon or sausage (this is as processed as I would get), make sure that they are free of nitrates, dextrose, sugar and other chemicals.

ORGANIC dark green vegetables, Kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, zucchini, artichoke, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus etc etc.

We are going to avoid ALL GRAINS at this point. That means no corn as well as potatoes. I recommend to have small amount of sweet potatoes and yams instead.

Now, you can prepare most vegetables as salad but IF you are to cook, steaming preserves the most amount of nutrients and enzymes. steaming only loses about 15% of nutrients as long as you don’t OVER steam them.

Remember, you need about 7-10 cups of vegetables each day in order to heal your body.

I NEVER recommend using a microwave since microwave radiation KILLS about 90% of nutrients in your vegetables. It defeats the purpose.

And of course, you can always use my Kale shake idea for your vegetable intake.

Did you know that Kale is as great of a source of protein as nuts?

And if you have any gas or digestive issues after eating raw kale, you can try to steam or eat Broccoli or other dark colored greens. You can also take Raw apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in your water and Betaine Hydrochloride as digestive supplement to help your stomach acidity. (Your stomach is the ONLY place in your body that requires to be acidic. And it is extremely crucial. I will discuss this in another video as well)

I recommend eating 2-3 times a day, not 4, not 5 or 6 little meals all day. Because every time you eat, your insulin spikes. And the less you eat the more opportunity for your body to heal. So if you wake up and not hungry, no need to eat. Eat ONLY when you are hungry, not craving, not out of boredom, when you feel HUNGER.

When you start taking enough amount of fat with zero sugar and zero refined carbs, you NEVER feel the kind of painful hunger, EVER.

If you feel hungry between meals, I recommend adding more FAT into your meal. That would satisfy you and would never feel the kind of hunger you used to feel.

I wake up and have a cup of organic coffee with 1tbs of Grass fed butter and 1tbs MCT (or coconut) OIL with Xylitol blended in blender. I also add a small amount of Ceylon cinnamon. It tastes like Starbucks but without the bad effects, of course.

Did you know that Tibetan monks drink tea with butter? You can also substitute the butter with grass-fed heavy cream.

I do not eat until about 12-1 sometimes 2pm. Then have dinner several hours later. so I eat twice a day.

In each meal, I recommend

70-75% FAT

You want to keep the total carbs intake to be under 25-50g/day. But we do not count vegetables as carbs.

3-4 oz of protein no more than your one hand full

Cruciferous, dark and leafy vegetables

Small amount of berries

What about more fruits? Aren't fruits healthy? "One apple a day keeps doctor away"?

Well, it all depends on each person's condition and what you desire to achieve.

So, why can't we eat fruits? Because according to the ancient wisdom (and people like Don Tolman) we are supposed to eat the food that has the same vibrations (which creates the same shapes or colors) of the parts of your body you need to heal or correct. Here is my opinion. What I've come to realize is that the fruits are NOT the same as ancient times any longer. Also because of the state of our vibrations. Fruits are super high vibrational foods (that also contains fructose) that have a super rapid speed absorption ability. But as medicinal as they are, when your body is stuck in low vibrations, which you can tell by all the symptoms, they can counter work. Just as any medicine is counter effective if you take it wrong. So you have to gradually work your way into higher vibrations to be able to utilize the power of high vibrational foods like fruits and honey.

Fruits target your brain and therefore higher chakras. Vegetables can work your way up slowly through lower chakras to your heart to get you ready.

That is why Ketogenic diet and carnivore diet is actually better for such damaged and low vibrational bodies and organs.

Now I will end this with some meal example pictures so you can visualize it. You know you can customize this according to what your body tells you.


This concludes the part 2 of how to lose weight.

Next, I will talk about cravings.

And how you can create a new healing body mechanism that would ultimately lead you to fat burning adaptation.

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