Updated: Feb 22, 2020


So... Before I go on. I like to say WELCOME to my new exploration in the world of BLOGGERS! To be honest with you, I... still have no clue what BLOGS are. I think it's just something I just continuously keep on adding in writing? Well, my "Blog" is going to be full of holes and continue to be incomplete. So that we (assuming there would be some sort of audience here...) continue to question. I believe I do the same with my YouTube videos that I started posting ( inbetweeness1111). Each video is a bit incomplete on its own and so I keep building based on the questions that arise from that. And I am also from Japan. I have been in the US for a while but my English is still a bit odd... or just incorrect (If you have not noticed it yet. But I have seen many many incredibly successful public figures, YouTubers and Vloggers, and many are just as incorrect. So with that said, I believe it's in the heart and continued efforts that would reach people who can use my service so... here we go.

Reconnective Healing and Expectations

When I talk about what I do, Reconnective Healing

Which is to facilitate a very specific spectrum of frequencies consisting of energy, light and information that brings about a distinctly beneficial transformation in our DNA.

Meaning, It restores coherence and harmony in our lives and transforms our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls….

I never explain it that precisely... I should use this script more often. Ok.

Anyway, I get a response from many saying, “I believe it when I see it".

They say...

“ I don’t feel well - I’m worried”

So I say, "you don’t feel so good because you are blocking & interfering the intelligence of your inner being, which is the same as the universe itself - just as in the old scripture says

As Above So Below

You don't feel well because you are blocking the replenishing of your biology."

And they say...

"Well, I'm blocking because I don't feel well... But if you can give me the physical and tangible EVIDENCE as a CONFIRMATION then I will feel better."

Your experiences are ALWAYS, always that which comes as response (in slight or prolonged delay) to your vibrations that you have broadcasted. So what I mean by "confirmations and your expectations can only come from the old and your past is because what you are "experiencing now" is what you have already broadcasted. So in this way, you are only experiencing the OLD YOU.

So consider this: What you are about to witness in your healing is going to be Brand-New. It just simply cannot come from the OLD therefore it cannot be something that you already EXPECT. Actually not exactly "new" but it is what you have forgotten when you came into this plain of existence. But so how do you "remember" this "brand-new"...whatever it is? By surrender.

You maybe worried. "My mind is so busy. I don't know if I can actually get to the point of surrender." "What if I'm not ready for this healing? I'm too busy to be doing any kind of spiritual practices like yoga or meditation." "How would I know if I'm even receptive?"

My answer to them is: You simply cannot experience that which you are not the vibrations of. So just by the fact that you are here, now and asking this question means that you are indeed receptive. You are ready. So relax.

Ok, so maybe a few practical and achievable tips might help you be actually "relaxed" about it all.

1. Put away your tasks for later: