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Are You Waking Up? Good!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

So… How do you become “awakened”? What does it feel like? What happens when you become “awake”?

Awakening - One day, I asked with a pencil and a notebook

What is my true purpose in life? Why am I here?

Then my hand wrote

“to experience BEAUTY”

and then tears came down with such warmth inside me

Where did the answer come from? Why did it make me cry?

Then later on, I also received the impulse to write again

“to see everything in life symbolically.”

Awakening or spirituality is NOT to escape or runaway from REALITY. It is quite the contrary.

It’s learning to pay attention and shed judgement entirely to achieve awareness of what is presented to me. And knowing that it is all done for a reason.

So it’s not an escape FROM reality but HIGHTENED reality.

Yah, that sounded good, yes? Well, OK so I mean all of that. Like learning to pay attention and no judgement and stuff.

And I practice them daily.

I really take building my spiritual muscles seriously.

Once you cross the awaken border, you have to show up daily to the spiritual gym practice.

Here, You are granted no more excuses.

But so when you wake up though, oh man, you receive this mega download of information, the true big picture that everything is connected to everything and you are responsible for everything, every action every decision of every split second

You see how everything affects everything and you see infinite layers of reality and dimensions all intersecting and interacting.

You see why and how in a split nano second … and how we are ALL connected as one.


(Well, not right away anyway. Not without showing up at the Spiritual Gym.)

Have you tried doing that?

It’s funny just imagining you trying to explain how we live in a holographic universe and how time doesn’t really exist and how who we think we are is merely a programmed subconscious and who we truly are is eternal… Oh and have you tried “I am GOD” ? haha

But I am so glad that you are here today!

Because this is not an accident. If you are aware, I probably do not need to even tell you that you are indeed awakening. But if you haven’t quite noticed and you are wondering? Good. Cuz this video may help you do just that. That is why you are here.

Because my friend, what you are witnessing, right in front of you is a synchronicity.

You cannot experience which you are not the vibration of. So there, we are somehow entrained and that’s how we got here.

The universe is a rhythm that is comprised of infinite numbers of unique frequencies.

We as an individual also hold a unique frequency and our “life” is also a frequency.

Synchronicity is a way to witness and experience the universe in action tapping into the past, present and future beyond our linear senses of time,

A Synchronicity is an evidence, the physical manifestation of your frequency resonating with the self organizing intelligent universe and its infinite field of frequencies, that we also call consciousness.

The truth is that it’s always been there, it’s always been the same, the law, the truth.

But when we “wake up” we suddenly see it differently, or we now“SEE IT”, period.

And that SEEING is what changes us. and ultimately the whole universe. One person at a time

And the more you get attuned to its rhythm, the quicker it seems to present itself. And eventually the momentum kicks in that you experience the events in the ways that you can quickly grasp the bigger picture.

You now see yourself as the true creator. And as a result, you continue to finesse in making the right choices that serves you better. And consequently that creates the life you prefer.

So keep going. We all keep going. Keep building those Spiritual muscles.

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