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Are You Not Supposed To Do Anything When You Are Out Of Alignment! ...?

You are kind of told that you are not supposed to do things when you are “out of spiritual alignment”. A lot of the teachings out there tell you that when you are out of your alignment you get bad results…

But all I know is that I’ve made some of my best art works when I was in the rut - AKA out of alignment.

And maybe, just maybe when you are really really in a pungent emotional soup, there is a gloms of desire that comes from it. So if you ever feel the urge or impulse , like a tiny little sliver of light coming through the crack, it’s time for you to push yourself through the ice and finally get out of the ice cold ocean of despair.

You should not ignore or dismiss it just because some spiritual teaching scares you so. After all what have got to lose? You are already in the rut.

Especially if by doing the thing you felt the urge for makes you feel better, Of course, go do it!

Don’t buy into the fear based teaching.

The biggest lesson 1:


trust the future, trust the process, trust yourself, trust the decisions, trust the voices

The biggest lesson 2:

Be grateful

Thank the pain for waking you up. Thank the emotional eruption for popping you out of the moment of on going negativities and victimhood.

Keep thanking from the bottom of your heart.

*for more ways to raise your frequency, please look into more of my videos.

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