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Where Did You Leave Your Mind?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

If you think this is about "losing" your mind. It is not.

What you say and think shape your DNA and your DNA records ALL your thoughts.

And THAT is what you are leaving behind as you move around. You are literally leaving your ghosts everywhere you go!

Did you know that a single gram of your DNA can store 215 Petabytes (215 Million Gigabytes) and you are walking around with 13.5 billion years worth of date inside you right now?

13.5 Billion years happened to be how old our Universe is. So it means you have the information of the entire universe inside you, right here, right now.

Now, have you heard of the phantom DNA effect? Russian Scientist, Dr. Peter Gariaev accidentally discovered during his experiment that DNAs collect photons, which is the smallest particles of light and light is information).

I believe he was photographing the photos in DNA then went to lunch. After they came back from lunch, he continued to take photos only to realize that before lunch he had removed the DNA, so how was it that he was able to still see the photons exactly in the shape of the original DNA placed?

It turns out that your DNAs collect photons in the room you are in and even after you leave the room, the photons stay exactly in the shapes of your DNAs for the next 30 DAYS (I also have heard up to 60days)!

Dr. Fritz Albert Poppy found that 1 DNA molecule collects up to 1000 photons per molecule. Our DNAs do this because that’s how they repair themselves, using the photons. Ok, so 1 DNA molecule collects 1000 photons... Guess how many DNAs we have in our body? 3 Billion of them.

Also, science has found that the amino acids in the proteins making up our DNA is directly affected by frequencies of our own “speech: the tones of our own voice, our choice of words, our language and our thoughts since thoughts, too emit electromagnetic fields.

In other words, what you say and think shape your DNA and your DNA records ALL your thoughts.

And THAT is what you are leaving behind as you move around. You are literally leaving your ghosts everywhere you go!

* For more information on DNA and our language, please watch my YouTube Video @inbetweeness1111

“Change your Language, change your DNA (How to change your own biology)

Now have you ever walked into a room and you could feel the air is “thick” or you can sense the “tension” in the air? So you had to go get some air outside?

Now think of how Empath people can pick up what is “unsaid” or psychic can tell what your thinking.

Yah, it’s starting to make sense now, isn’t it? Your thoughts are literally “things: that gets left behind where you were and they continue to vibrate.

And you are also picking up whatever is left according to the vibrational frequency to match your own. So the higher your frequency is the more high vibrational things you attract therefore you experience higher vibrational, pleasant and beautiful things and people.

On the contrary, if you are in a low vibrational mode, angry, or feeling like a victim then go to Walmart, you can imagine what kind of experience you end up with... Oh boy.

Ok, so what do you do with this information?

Think of this. Psychologists and scientists say that we spend 95 percent of our time on autopilot. In other words, our interactions through out the day, what we say, think and do are repeated recordings of our past ,95 % of the time.

This is why we can also say that our body is our subconscious mind. So if you are a person who is experiencing unpleasant things and people all the time, the chances are, your autopilot thoughts are low vibrational.

So consciously choose your vibrations by choosing your feelings. Chose who you want to be and what kind of vibrational information you want to tap into. Be aware of your emotions and make a choice according to what serves you for the better.

Remember, the higher the frequency the better you feel.

For a practical approach i recommend my video “How to Create Your Default Button” on YouTube @inbetweeness1111, to change and create your ideal frequencies.

Watch my videos on YouTube


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