We Are Pyramids - The Reconnective Healing Frequency and Pyramid Power

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Ever since I decided to make videos for YouTube ( @inbetweeness1111 ), I wanted to talk about pyramid power and pyramid energy.

My serious awakening started with all the information about the pyramids, the secret geometry, the source, the field, the vacuum, the torsion field, the black hole in the holographic universe, the electric universe, the toroidal universe and our physical, biological and spiritual connection to ALL that is.

So, I don’t know why I was suddenly so obsessed with the pyramids and water, but when I look back into my childhood,

in school, we were all asked “if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

And my answer was Egypt without knowing much about it at all other than that there where the pyramids … I was not particularly obsessed, or knowledgeable. I just knew I wanted to go to Egypt.

But as I got older, and got preoccupied with many other things of concerns and interests, I forgot all about it.

But then, when I lived in New York in my late teens and early 20’s, my favorite place was the Temple of Dendur, at the Egyptian wing of the Met at sunset. When it became so dark inside and people would leave the place because they keep the wing very dark there, so I would be there pretty much all by myself. Again, I was not obsessed or especially knowledgeable of the Egyptian temple. I just knew that I felt calm there.

So after my “awakening” started, the more I obsessively learned about the pyramid power and its connection to the universe, the more I became obsessed with “healing” and my desire to physically participate in the process of “healing” became greater and greater…so naturally I started looking into various modalities.

And that’s when I came across the Reconnective Healing and its frequency.

And this light and Frequency came so fast and natural to me…as I quickly made connection to the “pyramid energy”. I’ve learned how the Pyramid energy connects you through the sacred geometry into acceleration of your Karma - a fast track to the process of ascension, so to speak.

And I thought that the description of the Reconnection and the Reconnective frequency sounds just like it.

So I became curious to find out what is like to “connect” to the sacred geometry and accelerate my ascension process. So just like that, I got Reconnected. (*See Ref for The Personal Reconnection)

Then I realized that the Reconnection makes US pyramids. We are becoming pyramids all over the planet.

I am becoming a pyramid! No, I became a pyramid!

Have you seen the movie “Contact” with Judy Foster? It explains how the universe only gives you what you are ready for and you can only take a little bit at a time, ever so gradually and it’s been that way for billions of years.

Because “We cannot perceive what we are not in the vibration of” as Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) says.

We can only experience what we are the vibration of…

That is one of the reasons why different levels and kinds of “spiritual teachings” tend to contradict each other or themselves.

Because what we perceive as “truth” changes as our vibrations change.

So somehow, being exposed to this coherent frequency of the true essence , you become the higher vibration and you end up EXPERIENCING the things you’ve always considered as “mystical”, “other worldly”, and “miraculous” such as “spontaneous healing” as a side effect.