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Are Refined Carbs Really That Bad?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I experimented having refined carbs for a few days to see what difference I would experience.

And the results were astounding. I could not believe the experiences I was having.

As a child, I suffered with skin problems, migraines, allergies, my mouth full of cavities and just numerous illnesses. I was so sick that I used to miss half of my school year. I remember having excruciating abdominal and back pains that I could hardly stand. I don't remember my parents finding out what was causing all of my symptoms. As I grew older, I just learned to live with them.

I started living on healthy Keto diet for almost 3 years. Not only that, but I have become extremely conscious about the quality, consciousness of the source and GMO and pesticide status of what I was taking into my body. I lost over 30lb and kept it down AND this "clean" eating seemed to work very well with all my spiritual healing that I have been working on.

So... at this point, I am pretty sensitive to any food that are anything less than clean and consciously sourced.

I don't know what gave me the idea but decided to experiment eating refined carbs for a few days to see what difference I would experience.

And guys, I am talking here, REFINED super processed carbs and sugar not like white rice or quinoa and maple syrup.

I’m talking about Aunt Jamima. I don’t even know what’s in the stuff.

I’m talking enriched flour and refined sugar, like pizza, cereal, crackers, waffles, biscuits, pancakes, pastries and stuff.

And the results were astounding. I could not believe the experiences I was having.

But then, I realized that’s how I used to live 24/7.

No wonder I had to go running to a medical doctor and psychiatrist for numbers of drugs! I was a mess! I cannot believe that’s how I used to live!

Ok, so here are my experiences for 6 days:

Day one

Noticeble changes in moods.

I mean not good, in a bad mood. Already? Yah. Already.

More stressed and feeling bloatedness.

Day two - three

Skin condition’s changed.

Pimples popped up and causing blemishes continued to worsen before my eyes.

My mood got worse and worse as I experienced more stress and mood swings so it seems to be a vicious cycle at this point.

Yes, I have to admit that I am quite sensitive to stress and usually everything that I experience shows up on my skin condition… So I am kind of an open book when it comes to stress and emotions. Just look at my skin and you would know.

Residual constipation.

I did go to the bathroom but not satisfactory. And not yielding sufficient amount. I can feel it stuck in my lower abdomen. I feel tenderness in my lower abdomen.

This can also explain my skin condition worsening with all the toxins stuck in my digestive system.

Oh, let’s not forget that I was hungry already when I woke up. In fact, I was hungry by the time I was ready for bed.

I never ever experience hunger like this on high fat and vegetable diet, NEVER. I usually eat around 8pm and do not eat until noon or sometimes around 2 or 3pm and I am even keel.

So I ate as soon as I woke up. I made sure I had carbs because I wanted more carbs. I craved carbs. I kind of did not want to believe that my hunger, and emotional ups and downs were affected by what I was eating. Yes, I was starting to deny that my discomfort was because of the carbs.

I was 4lb heavier than my normal weight at this point.

So the worst part of it was that I started to experience lethargy by day 3, I felt aches in my body and just did not want to get up to do anything.

So consequently that made me cranky.

I was startled easily and small things triggered the fight or flight mode.

And more and more stress accumulated through out the day with some outbursts of emotions.

I even felt apathy by the end of day 3. I thought and was afraid that my depression was back.

I’ve been off my depression for over 3 years but on this day I started imagining going back.

I felt pointless and suddenly didn’t know why I even bothered with anything. I did not care if I lived or died.

As dramatic as it sounds, this is truly how I felt! I swear! I can laugh about it now though!

Day four

Back on Keto (I coudn't continue...)

I am 5lb heavier at this point

I do not feel depressed or apathetic though not feeling that “alive” either.

I’m just kinda blasé.

No emotional outbursts and have much more control over emotions in general though there is a slight crankiness because I feel hunger during my intermittent fasting.

The skin blemishes are starting to heal and no more pimples popping up but still my skin does not feel the same. I can feel tiny little bumps on my skin.

I still don’t eliminate the same as before.

Day five

The feelings of apathy and depression are things of the past. I feel like sobering up.

I do have more energy today and am better spirited than the past few days

I did much better in the bathroom department.

But I get a slight stomachache when I eat, feels like indigestion.

My weight is still 5lb over but I know it will go down in several days.

My skin is healing now… though there are scars left from the blemishes.

No crazy emotional outburst. Thank god.

I am back to using my daily discipline of surrendering for higher frequency.

Day 6

Major stomachache.

I did my breathing technique and took stomach tea and ginger.

I thought I was going to feel better than yesterday, but with the stomachache, I had to take it easy and avoid stress.

Well, maybe I needed to rest and I’m just being told that.

I’m fasting without any food at this point in order to heal my digestive system.

So.. wow

This experiment was super trippy. I was almost suicidal. LOL I mean, you think I’m exaggerating but I am not.

So was this psychosomatic? Maybe.

I cannot possibly prove it to you.

But my experience was definitely quite real. I mean stuff showed up physically, like the big cysts and pimples on my skin that left dark scars, aches and pains and the emotional outbursts.

You maybe thinking that the refined processed food cannot possibly have such effects on someone in just a few days… Well, it absolutely can and did. I felt it on the very first day.

I knew that it literally changed my “personality” like Jackall and Hyde. It was incredible.

So what am I trying to tell you here?

I’m trying to convey a message to you that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions may not be only coming from YOU… even your “personality” that you have been holding onto as “yours” may not even be really YOU.

My experience from these foods that contain weaponized substances such as antibiotics, hormones, drugs, chemicals and heavy metals and who knows what else,

is kind of a serious message.

Even your depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, MS, and all the harsh and cruel personality traits being judgmental, critical, short tempered are maybe related to… what you eat.

Ok, so maybe I’m gluten intolerant and that’s why I suddenly had all these symptoms?

Well, With the kind of wheat available to us, who isn’t in my opinion, really.

I’m not going to get into the weaponized food conspiracy theory here.

All I want to do is to tell you that maybe, just maybe you can start experiencing clarity by avoiding to ingest any more processed foods and refined carbs and sugar? Maybe try it out for a bit?

All I know is that it changed my life and I am NEVER going back to the way I used to be. It worked so magically that I even got certified for it.



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