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life Changing



Being a skeptic by nature, I waded through the endless stream of self proclaimed healers available on social media. Then when I came across June's instagram profile, I somehow knew that it was the right thing to do. 

I reached out to June on instagram and reluctantly, I sought June's assistance with my own health and spirituality struggles. I immediately felt a sense of connection and understanding, as we spoke more, I knew that June had a place in my life that was unfulfilled, a guide through the seemingly random search of the spiritual seeker.  I also was completely blown away at the insight she offered for my overall health with the Multiple Sclerosis, dietary issues stemming from the gall bladder (that she knew was gone), and most importantly for me at this time; my path seeking divine wisdom, escape from this human suffering, and seeking the light of the creator.
Our discussions are magic. that is all I can say. Every time we speak about an issue, she allows the knowledge I already have to "sink in" or fall into place. I have had many profound moments, energy surges, feelings of bliss and connection that I have never felt before June and I went through a
remote healing session a few weeks ago. Since then...A lifetime of learning about the nature of god and the universe has settled into a new vision of light and kindness in this world for me, like a reunion with the truth. Every day now is like falling off a cliff, with every new realization, comes the sorrows and the weight of oppression falling away at an amazing pace. My heart is light, my daily life more rewarding, my sense of love and joy gets brighter every day. My health is slowly improving, experiencing levels of energy that I thought the MS has devoured long ago. While there is still a long way to go (and there always will be), June will remain a trusted and loved human guide for me in this world and hopefully the next, as we all make it a better place to live.
While the world is currently choked full of pretenders who take advantage of those who are seeking and suffering, June will be here to offer real knowledge and spirit for a truly evolved human healing experience.


Anthony, CT USA