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Total Transformation Monthly Plan

Total Transformation of your Body/Mind/Sprit Complex -Change Your Life

  • 1 h
  • Anywhere In The World

Service Description

This is for the most committed and devoted to self-heal through enlightenment. This is a 9 Week Program with sessions of: Bi Weekly Remote Healing sessions Weekly Live Video Coaching / Q & A first 3 weeks of the Month Other Coaching and Intuitive Guidance and more. *IDK (Inter-Dimensional Keto Method): DIET IS AN AWAKENING PROCESS. TO BECOME CONSCIOUS OF ALL ENERGETIC AND BIOLOGICAL CONNECTIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN YOU AND THE UNIVERSE. Learn how to eat food as medicine, light and information to tap into your true natural ability to create more coherent vibrational state to continue being in the state of higher consciousness. *Awakening Process Mentorship: Awakening can be magical. But Awakening also can be challenging to say the least. I wish I had someone when I started the process to tell me "When life starts to fall apart and become an exploding chaos, it's not that the GOD hates you or some evil force torturing you for fun. It's just that you went out of the alignment with the laws of the universe and ended up swimming up against the current. It's all going to be OK. All you have to do is ... Let me show you how..." *Ascension Process Assistance: "Ascension" sounds ever so spiritually glamorous... like you will be sitting up in clouds with Jesus sipping some spiritual tea. But in reality, this 3D reality, we don't necessarily experience it that way. This whole spiritual practice "stuff" is not always about the fluffy clouds, spontaneous psychedelic visions and angels whispering in your ears... in fact most of the time, it's more like working out in a gym. It takes discipline and you have to show up if you want to build those spiritual muscles. And isn't it easier to do that with your trainer besides you? *Regression Assistance : We all carry some sorts of memories and traumas (AKA: Baggage) in our energetic body and they are embedded so deep in us that they are even programmed into our physical body (our subconscious) generating automated emotional responses in every nano second of our lives. A Regression Process is a very useful tool to tap into your subconscious and get in touch with the memories that are dictating your life choices. You will learn to accept, release, or re-write to change your past, present and future. It is a process that you are fully capable of doing on your own, but a guidance can be useful in the beginning as anything else you learn in life.

Cancellation Policy

Please let me know a few days in advance. We will reschedule accordingly. I will follow the same and let you know when the schedule must be changed.

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