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This item is made to order.

So please allow a few weeks to receive the item.

*Each Order is for One Necklace of approximately 30-34inch long.

Frequency of your questions become a wearable piece of answers.

You will receive a healing, a reading and a beautiful one of a kind necklace made of crystals, wood and other beautiful materials.

We are all connected in the field.  I tap into you through the same way as I tap into my own higher self.  I learned to do so through tapping into the same frequency used in the healing sessions.
Your simple asking bring forth answers. Do you have a question?
I receive your questions as I get into a meditative state during a brief healing and receive your energy frequency in tones like music and the necklace turns out like Morse Codes.  So your necklace is absolutely one of a kind and unique.
Ask away because without questions, no answers will arise.  And you won't have an awesome necklace.


Please give 2-3 weeks for making.

Channeled Healing Necklace

$555.00 Regular Price
$277.50Sale Price
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